1. anan

    June 16, 2014 | Reply

    well – was just about to make a food plan due to utter food confusion. so was going for the thyroid/a.i type diet.
    on my can eat list i thankfully had mushrooms, nuts, bananas, spinach, strawberries, etc, etc .. and now bam i read this all almost all the remaining things i thought i could eat i cant eat either – so now i am even more confused.
    thatnk goodness we can eat pulses!! that seems to be all thats left

    • admin

      June 16, 2014 | Reply

      “Let’s remember though that we each react uniquely to food, supplements and medications. What works for one, may not work for another. You may have to eliminate all the offending foods or you may only have to eliminate ones that are triggering a reaction until your body begins to heal.

      Don’t look at this list as an all-or-nothing scenario. While there are diets that are wonderfully therapeutic that should definitely be considered for healing (like GAPS Diet or The Autoimmune Paleo Protocol), not everyone has to follow those diets to a tee in order to heal…but some people do.”

      Really, you can eat almost all whole foods – meats, veggies, fruits and nuts with just a few exceptions.

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