1. Cathy

    June 19, 2014 | Reply

    I have Hashimoto’s and have several mercury fillings. Can I just take detoxing herbs everyday to lesson the burden on my body.

    • admin

      June 19, 2014 | Reply

      Hi Cathy! I highly suggest you work with knowledgeable practitioner when it comes to a detox protocol.

  2. Debby

    June 20, 2014 | Reply

    This is so interesting. Most of my amalgam fillings were done as a teenager, I have always had dental problems. In 2006 most of the fillings were replaced but not all. I am slowly replacing the others as they & I age. I was diagnosed with Graves disease this year. The question is was it caused by the original fillings or the removal of them.

  3. June 20, 2014 | Reply

    I have cancelled two appointments to have this done b/c of fear. AFter listening to Terry Wahls and Nora DeGaudas talk about sometimes it’s better to just leave things alone b/c things can get worse I just don’t have the guts to do it. Not yet. Also the expense is ridiculous. NO one should have to go into debt to get fillings removed when they have dental insurance. YET bioidentical dentistry is hardly covered here. Sitting on this one for a bit longer.

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