Jen Wittman Vertical Tea CupHello!

And welcome to Thyroid Foodie.

I’m Jen Wittman, a Holistic Health Expert & Coach, specializing in thyroid and autoimmune disorders. And I have the best job in the world!  I work with people suffering from thyroid, autoimmune and inflammatory disorders to take back their health and their lives and start feeling normal again.

Through Thyroid Loving Care, I provide one-of-a-kind, long-lasting health and healing overhauls through online programs and group and private coaching so you can banish brain fog, say adios to fatigue and bye-bye to thyroid belly! 

I am also author of The Radical TLC Solution, The Super-Mom’s Guide to Managing Thyroid Disease & The Partner’s Guide to Thyroid & Autoimmune Disease.  And I host Thyroid Radio – your place to cutting edge info on health and healing from the latest medical research to ancient healing remedies (that work!)

After reversing Hashimoto’s, an autoimmune thyroid disease myself, I created The Radical TLC Solution, a simple, 6-week, self-care strategy to reverse thyroid, autoimmune and inflammatory disease.  This home healing program provides a practical, real-world strategy to reversing disease & includes a 6-week step-by-step action plan, guides to thyroid basics, testing, treatments, and symptoms and a 4-week meal plan + cookbook. The Radical TLC Solution brings real-life solutions to help you heal in the “real” world.

You may know me from NBC Radio, Men’s Journal, The Thyroid Sessions, HypothyroidMom, ThyroidChange, Autoimmune Mom, Thyroid Nation, Expert Beacon, Hollywood Hot Moms, Much More Than Mom Summit, Your Bella Life, and Living with Hope radio. My work has also been published in Italian and Dutch languages.

My aim is to bring extra helpings of joy and humor to your table with simple, delicious recipes that are thyroid-friendly and anti-inflammatory.

I’ve worked with everyone – from Emmy award winning actresses to power professionals to CEOs of the home (aka “Moms.”) I spent a year honing my cooking skills in Italy and am passionate about food, family, friends, laughter and helping people craft the life of their dreams.  FOOD IS MY LIFE! And I want to make eating and cooking a pleasure for you too.  Food has amazing healing powers and I want to share my joy and my love with you!