Beach JenI believe that nourishment is more than just food.  It can be a great piece of music, a beautiful piece of art, a hearty laugh with friends, the glory of a quiet moment, the way you care for yourself, the gratitude you show others and the earth, and in the end, it’s really anything that brings about a smile, a deep breath and a warmth in your heart.

For me nourishment is in a mini-morning yoga session, a walking meditation in nature, time with great friends, witnessing my 5-year old outsmart me, playing some mean air guitar, preparing and eating healing whole foods, traveling locally and globally, and the adventure of trying new things.

Thyroid Foodie is here to inspire you to discover what is truly nourishing to YOU… and what can help you reverse thyroid, autoimmune & inflammatory disease and eliminate your symptoms.  Much of the time, we’ll be doing that through food.  At Thyroid Foodie, I’ll be sharing recipes, restaurant and cookbook reviews and helpful cooking demonstrations.  We’ll also be exploring all kinds of healing techniques and self-care options so you can feel better.  It’s a tough job but somebody’s got to eat great food, try out new restaurants,  and test out the spas so you can have all the tools at your fingertips to heal.