7 Fermented Foods to Enjoy for Gut Health

Happy weekend!



And boy is it going to be a happy weekend.  I just received some happy news from Sean Croxton I wanted to share with you.



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This week, I found myself back in front of the camera again – this time making a simple and delicious fermented side dish.


This was the first time I had ever made a fermented food. I’d always been intimidated by it. I CAN’T BELIEVE IT TOOK ME SO LONG TO TRY THIS!  It’s literally the most simple recipe you can make and one that packs a punch when it comes to your gut health.  See what I mean in the video below.









7 Fermented Foods to Enjoy for Gut Health


In honor of the Digestion Sessions (which is still going on, by the way!), I’ve spent the last few blog posts talking about the fact that you must heal your gut if you hope to heal your body. And a lot of times, when we start talking about eating to heal the gut, people focus on the foods they must give up — but what about the new foods you get to eat?


You may have heard of probiotics — supplements or foods that have beneficial bacteria in them to help keep the zillions of good microbes living in our guts healthy and strong. These little organisms are also powerful chelators that help detoxify the body, which is hugely important to healing the gut.


Yogurt is the most well-known of these foods, but when you’re trying to avoid dairy and sugar to help heal a leaky gut or address inflammation, the problems with eating yogurt outweigh the benefits.


Luckily, there are plenty of other foods that naturally contain probiotics that can help keep your gut flora strong.


  1. Sauerkraut – You want to look for live sauerkraut, probably in the refrigerated section of your grocery store (not from a can, which kills the beneficial bacteria). Or make your own! It only requires cabbage, water and salt! Sauerruben is a similar dish usually made with rutabagas, turnips, and other root vegetables.

  2. Miso – If soy isn’t a problem for you, you might consider adding small amounts of miso, tempeh, or other fermented soy products to your diet.

  3. Coconut Kefir – A fermented drink made using coconut milk, this generally has less added sugar than other kefirs and no dairy.

  4. Lacto-fermented Pickles – The pickles you buy in the grocery store (and even some you make at home) are cooked and made with vinegar, but traditional lacto-fermented pickles are raw and made with beneficial bacteria. They’re easy to make at home using the whey from live-culture yogurt as a starter.

  5. Raw Kimchi – Again, be sure to look for the live, refrigerated variety. Anything that has been processed to be shelf-stable won’t have the live probiotics.

  6. Coconut Yogurts – Look for a variety with little or no added sugar.

  7. Kombucha and Water Kefir – These are fermented drinks that contain lots of beneficial bacteria, but also contain sugar, because that’s what the bacteria eat! Make your own for the lowest sugar option.


You only need about a quarter to half a cup of fermented vegetables a day to start seeing the benefits. Plus, the more variety of fermented veggies you eat, the more benefits you will see, as they will all have slightly different microorganisms to help your digestive tract.


These good bacteria help balance your gut flora, detoxify your body, and help you absorb more of the good stuff in what you eat. SCORE!


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