30 Ways to Help Your Thyroid + A Free Cookbook!

Despite the fact that my mug is often found on videos, I’m really introverted and get really anxious when I make them so I try to avoid making videos at all costs…but today, there is something important I wanted to share and a favor to ask.  Can you help me get to Boulder, CO?



When I first started healing my thyroid, I searched high and low for resources.  I wanted to change my diet but didn’t know how.  I was overwhelmed…. until I happened upon a blog talking about this cool bundle of Paleo guides to get me started. 



I jumped at the chance to learn so much for such a low cost and here I am several years later still referring to those guides for meal planning and recipes.



I’m always trying to find and create the very best resources for you to make your life healthier … and to help you save money in the process.


So, I’m super excited to share a resource with you that’s never been done before… and gets a huge bang for your buck!

A few months ago, my friend and thyroid pharmacist, Dr. Izabella Wentz (see our one glamor shot to the right and remind me never to stand next to that young thing again) asked me to help contribute to the FIRST EVER Thyroid Bundle!



I immediately responded, YES!



As a thyroid patient herself, Izabella has struggled with fatigue, brain fog, hair loss, and countless other symptoms. She was determined to get her life back and now helps others do the same!



Along with 30 of my expert colleagues, I’ve personally contributed a guide to managing motherhood while healing, another one to helping your partner and family understand what you’re going through and some of my favorite thyroid healing recipes to this bundle!



The Thyroid Bundle is amazing package of 30 different ways to support your thyroid health including guide books that cover:


  • Optimizing thyroid medications
  • Overcoming fatigue
  • The Roadmap to Remission
  • Detoxing your body to balance estrogen
  • Micronutrients and Thyroid Health
  • Hyperthyroidism and Grave’s disease
  • …and so much more – holy Moses!



Ordering each of the guides in the Thyroid Bundle would cost almost $1400 but this is available to you now at a fraction of the cost, pennies on the dollar, really …and best of all we are GIVING AWAY an entire Thyroid E-cookbook to you for free, to get you started on the right path!


If you have personally struggled with your own thyroid diet … this is one resource you simply just don’t want to pass up.


Whether you’re just dipping your toes in or looking for more recipes, the free thyroid e-cookbook that comes with the bundle is both inspiring and practical, with more than 80 recipes, plus inspirational stories and quotes from people who have helped countless others transform their health.



You can grab the e-cookbook + 30 different thyroid healing guides here!



If you missed the video above, there’s something else

REALLY important about this I need to tell ya! 


If you order the Thyroid Bundle through my link, it counts toward a trip I’m trying to win for an important thyroid conference in Boulder, CO. 


This conference will help me bring more valuable FREE resources to you and will teach me how to do that while having more balance in my life. 


It can be challenging when your mind is focused 24/7 on thyroid disease when you’re both supporting/coaching others while continuing to heal yourself so you can thrive too!


If you’re new to our community, you may not know that my personal mission is to help 30,000 women reverse thyroid & autoimmune disease this year.


At the conference, there will be talks on innovative thyroid healing techniques, how I can more effectively spread the word on natural thyroid healing, how to more efficiently and effectively produce FREE RESOURCES FOR YOU and how I can complete my mission of supporting 30,000 women this year without having my own autoimmune flare! 


Doesn’t that sound amazing????  I think so. So, I REALLY want to go to this.


Problem is…I’M THE UNDERDOG!


The other experts out there sharing the Thyroid Bundle with you have much larger communities than me and a definite edge.


This conference in Boulder actually falls on dates I can be away from my handsome husband and rascaly son. And to all my mamas out there, you know how hard it is to get time away, to yourself, to do anything.  I have an amazing opportunity here and I would love if you could help me get there.


…so  here’s where you come in.


If this package interests you, ordering through my link could make it possible for me to Boulder and to bring even more healing resources home to you!


But, what I really want you to know is….


I’m not encouraging you to order this amazing Thyroid Bundle because I want to win a trip to this conference.




I’m telling you about the Thyroid Bundle because I really believe in the value of this package…and I’m excited for it’s incredibly affordable price. 


I know it will help you feel better and give you important resources for taking the next steps to healing….but it’s an extra perk for this mama to get her buns to Boulder to bring back some great resources for you.





p.s. You can really help me out by sharing this newsletter and my order link on Facebook, Twitter,  and by forwarding it to those who need thyroid and autoimmune support. Thank you for supporting this dream of mine. 


Let’s go Team Thyroid Loving Care Community!